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About Alan Hayes

I am Strategy & Engagement Manager at IGD, and lead on resilient supply chains, sustainability & associated strategic issues. Within IGD’s charitable activities, I've led our work on water stewardship – a collaborative project that brought industry, academia and water related stakeholders together. I have also contributed to IGD’s work on secure and sustainable futures. I work closely with IGD’s Commercial Services team on bespoke research projects for major food companies and industry stakeholders. Projects range from global retailer strategies to scanning workshops. I gained a degree in Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin and also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Follow me on Twitter @ALAN HAYES_IGD.

What to do when ‘when’ is the only uncertainty…

The Growing Innovation seminar lived up to all my expectations, with the wonderfully uplifting impact of students from Thomas Clarkson Academy as a tremendous bonus. There was a real live example of innovative, collaborative and inter-connected problem solving – how I wish that we could all have bottled that and taken it back to work […]

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Leaps of faith – flourishing in the future…

There is perhaps only one certainty about the future in any aspect of our modern world. It is that we will do things differently. The source, nature, extent and impact of “doing things differently” are not predictable. They are not linear extensions of the past. The future is an alien place in that respect […]

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