Flooding: Our seven asks for the Government

Water is our business – and in the East of England it provides us, and many others, with a lot of challenges.

On the one hand ours is the driest region in the UK with a lower average rainfall than Jerusalem – but on the other the risk of flooding is increasing, and it was […]

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Slugging it out…

Clean, healthy drinking water delivered to our homes is something we all take for granted in today’s society. This is thanks to the hundreds of water treatment works which purify water before it is pumped into our homes and workplaces.

Here’s a history fact for you – the first municipal water treatment plant was built […]

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A shout from the rooftops…

Today I can finally share with you the fantastic news that Anglian Water, Love Every Drop and our work on sustainability has been recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – Sustainable Development 2015.

I’ve known for a little while, and it’s been so hard not to share the news with everyone I’ve met! But we […]

  • Water flowing into Lincoln's newest reservoir
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    Collaboration on a common challenge – World Water Day 2015

Collaboration on a common challenge – World Water Day 2015

Population growth and a changing climate are not only significant but also common challenges for all of us that rely on water for our business, for our food, our health and the quality of our local environment. According to the UK’s 2012 Climate Change Risk Assessment “by the 2080s almost the whole UK population […]

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Reflecting on World Rivers Day 2014…

On Sunday 28 September, RiverCare and BeachCare groups across East Anglia held events to celebrate World Rivers Day. Volunteers worked to clear rubbish from our region’s rivers, estuaries and coastlines.

World Rivers Day is an event that represents the very ethos of RiverCare and BeachCare volunteer groups and recognises the objectives of these Keep Britain […]

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What to do when ‘when’ is the only uncertainty…

The Growing Innovation seminar lived up to all my expectations, with the wonderfully uplifting impact of students from Thomas Clarkson Academy as a tremendous bonus. There was a real live example of innovative, collaborative and inter-connected problem solving – how I wish that we could all have bottled that and taken it back to work […]

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Leaps of faith – flourishing in the future…

There is perhaps only one certainty about the future in any aspect of our modern world. It is that we will do things differently. The source, nature, extent and impact of “doing things differently” are not predictable. They are not linear extensions of the past. The future is an alien place in that respect […]

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Love where you live…

I have previously worked as a Senior Warden for the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, as Reserve Warden for the RSPB; as Assistant Warden for the Wildlife Trusts and as a nature reserve and forest ranger. What all my previous roles had in common was that they were all within the confines of a nature […]

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Success through partnerships…

Growing up as the son of a vicar, my childhood was spent living in old rectories, which meant I was usually lucky enough to have a big garden to run around and explore in. It was in those gardens that I became fascinated by birds and wildlife, an interest which grew as I got […]

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Alice in waterland – aqua, abstraction and Australia…

I’ve had a keen interest in water management since I spent six months working as a volunteer primary school teacher in rural Kenya. I lived in a community where lack of access to safe water and sanitation was the norm, and I witnessed the hardships that the people there endured as a result. I […]

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