The problem of plastic pollution is a shared challenge

I’m very excited to be a part of Business in the Community’s newly formed Circular Economy Taskforce.

The issues of plastics and packaging provides a great example of a shared challenge for which the solutions lie in collaboration. Even well-designed plastic packaging that is 100% recyclable needs to be correctly disposed of by individuals and […]

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The way businesses pay for their water is about to change

If you run a business, public sector or not-for-profit organisation, then the way you pay for your water bills is about to change.

From April you will be able to choose your water supplier – something that until now only the very biggest users of water have been able to do.

The change affects any company […]

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How to keep your pipes safe this winter

Frozen and burst water pipes can cause flooding, damage and leave homes without water. Shaun Scott was voted UK Plumber of the Year in 2016, and he is a member of UK plumber accreditation scheme WaterSafe which is backed by Anglian Water. Here he shares his experience of chilly pipes and top tips on getting […]

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Innovation in the pipeline

Anglian Water’s Direct of Asset Management Chris Newsome spoke at the All-Party Parliamentary Water Group’s Innovation Reception  in Westminster this week. In this blog he gives a flavour of some of the new approaches we spoke to the attendees about, and our vision for the future of the water industry.


It goes without saying that water is the […]

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Struggling to pay? We’re here to help

Every day we get the chance to speak to customers from different background with a range of circumstances. It’s mainly customers struggling to manage their payments to Anglian Water and our focus is to find out why? Whether it’s from job loss, terminal illness or financial pressures caused by benefit cuts, we take our […]

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Where will water come from in 50 years?

Anglian Water’s director of regulation Jean Spencer, chair a water industry project looking at the future of water resources in the UK, writes about an important new report, the Water Resources Long Term Planning Framework, which looks forward 50 years. She spoke about it at the Conservative Party Conference and we will be enagaging […]

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Setting out how we care for wildlife

We have launched our new Biodiversity Strategy – setting out how it will care for the incredible wildlife on its sites.

The aim is to set out what our company will do to protect and enhance wildlife on its sites and around the communities we serve.

It is an approach that is already bearing fruit at […]

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Can you save money on your water bill?

We work hard to get clean, healthy water to your home, and to remove and treat used water. We believe that the bill for your water and sewerage service is great value for money, but we also understand that household budgets can sometimes be difficult to balance.

There are ways to reduce your water bill […]

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Let’s talk about wellbeing

Just the other day, as I was jumping into the car between meetings, I caught the last snippet of a piece on the radio. To my astonishment it seemed to suggest that talking about wellbeing and particularly mental wellbeing was the latest trendy thing to do.

Having spent the last six months deeply involved in […]

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Memories of Grafham Water at 50 years old

Many of us have special memories of Grafham Water over the 50 years since it first opened. We asked you to share some of yours with us and we had an amazing response.

Louise O’Carroll met her husband here in 1994 when they were both on a school trip, and now they bring their children […]

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