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Slugging it out…

Clean, healthy drinking water delivered to our homes is something we all take for granted in today’s society. This is thanks to the hundreds of water treatment works which purify water before it is pumped into our homes and workplaces.

Here’s a history fact for you – the first municipal water treatment plant was built […]

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What to do when ‘when’ is the only uncertainty…

The Growing Innovation seminar lived up to all my expectations, with the wonderfully uplifting impact of students from Thomas Clarkson Academy as a tremendous bonus. There was a real live example of innovative, collaborative and inter-connected problem solving – how I wish that we could all have bottled that and taken it back to work […]

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Alice in waterland – aqua, abstraction and Australia…

I’ve had a keen interest in water management since I spent six months working as a volunteer primary school teacher in rural Kenya. I lived in a community where lack of access to safe water and sanitation was the norm, and I witnessed the hardships that the people there endured as a result. I […]

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Impacts, adaptation & vulnerability – and our plan…

Last week the second of three Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports was published, with a focus on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. The first report looked at the science of climate change whilst the third, to be published shortly, will be about mitigating climate change.

Last Monday’s report was contributed to by 309 authors […]

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Do you remember the drought of 1976?

Do you remember the drought of 1976? As a young lad I remember an endless summer with friends exploring the countryside around my home village south of Cambridge. Streams had dried up and ponds had turned to patterns of cracked mud. It was a blissful and carefree time, at least for me. I was […]

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