Leaps of faith – flourishing in the future…

There is perhaps only one certainty about the future in any aspect of our modern world. It is that we will do things differently. The source, nature, extent and impact of “doing things differently” are not predictable. They are not linear extensions of the past. The future is an alien place in that respect […]

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Love where you live…

I have previously worked as a Senior Warden for the Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, as Reserve Warden for the RSPB; as Assistant Warden for the Wildlife Trusts and as a nature reserve and forest ranger. What all my previous roles had in common was that they were all within the confines of a nature […]

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Success through partnerships…

Growing up as the son of a vicar, my childhood was spent living in old rectories, which meant I was usually lucky enough to have a big garden to run around and explore in. It was in those gardens that I became fascinated by birds and wildlife, an interest which grew as I got […]

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Alice in waterland – aqua, abstraction and Australia…

I’ve had a keen interest in water management since I spent six months working as a volunteer primary school teacher in rural Kenya. I lived in a community where lack of access to safe water and sanitation was the norm, and I witnessed the hardships that the people there endured as a result. I […]

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60 Year 9s and one tough challenge!

Last week I got the exciting opportunity to participate in the Fenland Cluster Business Challenge event. This event set six groups of about 60 year nine students the task of having to choose one of four locations to rent a building to turn into a rent-a-car business. However this was definitely not as easy […]

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