Day 6 – Kampala slums

This has been the most difficult day to take in and process. I have tried to walk you through life in the slums. I apologise as it’s longer than my previous posts but with such shocking living conditions and three deaths whilst we visited, I really wanted to show you what life there is […]

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It’s no joke – World Toilet Day…

World Toilet Day is something I usually mark every year by raising money at the Anglian Water WaterAid quiz. This year was a little different, as you can imagine. The theme of this year’s campaign was #It’sNoJoke – designed to use toilet humour to highlight that for the 2.5 billion people who still can’t access a […]

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Day 4 – Boboya village

When we arrived in Boboya we were given the warmest welcome I have ever received. Grace was singing and when we met her she gave us a big hug, thanked us for visiting and called me her daughter. Grace lives with her husband Augustine, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They have eight children, seven have […]

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Day 3 in Uganda – a day in Ojili…

Today we spent the day in Ojili village with Deborah and her family. Deborah is married to Michael, who is a teacher at the local school, and they have three children. Pirus is 6, Oscar is 4 and Thomas is 8 months. Deborah could not speak much English so we were joined by Sarah and […]

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Welcome to Uganda

Day 1

Woke up to my alarm at 5am. I had a surprisingly good night’s sleep. I got up and did what I do every morning and had a shower to wake myself up. Then it started to dawn on me just how much we take water for granted.

I met the other WaterAid supporters at […]

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One day to go

I’m flying out tomorrow and preparations are in full swing, so I wanted to quickly do another update!

Whilst in Uganda I hope to be able to update you daily with Twitter and this blog, but this will be dependent on the internet connection! So in case I can’t update you as much as I’d […]

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